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Artist Statement

In my paintings I am dealing with journeys, not mere physical ones, but also the journeys of the mind and the longing of the soul for adventure.  Through my work I give the viewer glimpses into fantastic and improbable worlds full of humor, whimsy and color.  Making the paintings is an exercise for me to tell stories and hold onto the excitement over the infinite possibilities that one experiences as a child.


The pandemic has shifted my work to be more practical in that I go hiking and plein air painting to have something that I can go do during the time of social distancing. Each painting now is a product of an actual journey either one made on site as a plein air painting or based on photos I took while out hiking. These journeys are less fantastic in nature than the ones of imagination in my previous work, but I still incorporate whimsy in the use of color to convey the experience of the setting.

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